About Adam Rifkin:


You might know me as co-founder and CEO of PandaWhale, a startup in Silicon Valley.

You might know me from 106 Miles, a monthly gathering of entrepreneurial engineers in Silicon Valley.

You might know me from places I've lived, including Long Island, NY (Commack and East Northport); Wilton, CT; Williamsburg, VA; Los Angeles, CA (Pasadena); Seattle, WA (Bellevue); and Silicon Valley, CA (Palo Alto).

You might know me from my undergraduate work at William and Mary or my graduate work at California Institute of Technology, where I worked on Infospheres with Dr. K. Mani Chandy. Or, you might know me from my research and development work at CommerceNet, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Air Force's Rome Research Site, and NASA's Langley Research Center.

You might know me from my past work on Renkoo and mod-pubsub with Joyce Park. Sometimes I smile when Joyce and I are working. (BTW, I'm now beardless.)

You might know me as Director and Founder of KnowNow and 4K Associates with Rohit Khare -- note how often I was chillin' in the background, and partying.

You might even know me from my participation in communities such as (take a deep breath!) Think.org, TBTF Irregulars, FoRK, Posterous, Wordpress, Icon Buffet, Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, Google, Quora, Namesake, CrunchBase, About.Me, Flickr, del.icio.us, Digg, Facebook, Youtube, 43 Things, Yahoo! 360, Typepad, afraidmink, mafiadrink, Blogger, Bloglines, Wiki, Sourceforge, Slashdot, Amazon, eBay, MySpace, LiveJournal, Last.fm, Fool, Friendster, Orkut, Ryze, Technorati, and LinkedIn (profile).

Also, I share a name with a cool movie director, but alas I am not he.


Last modified 8 August 2010