I admit, it's difficult to reach me.

I am busier than you can possibly imagine.

I have 3000 linkedin connections, 4000 twitter followers, 5000 facebook friends, and 6000 gmail contacts, plus countless strangers, regularly emailing, instant messaging, texting, tweeting, and sharing at me. Seriously.

Just with email, I'm about a million mails away from being caught up. Oh, bother!

I will now distract you with a picture of me hiding.

Rifkin the hiding panda!

I do check my personal email once in a while at...

...though just because I have time to read it, doesn't necessarily mean I have time to respond to it. I'll do my best, but no promises.

If it's really important that I respond, please simplify and tweet, be specific, and keep trying.

I'll never have an empty inbox in this lifetime. I might not be responsive, but at least I'm alive. :)

-- Adam Rifkin, 8 August 2010