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Having a blog means being a troublemaker.

Blogs I sporadically contribute to:

Bloglike services I sporadically contribute to:

  • LinkedIn, which believes in interconnectedness

  • delicious, bookmarks of websites and articles

  • typepad, so five years ago

  • 43 things, for keeping track of areas for lifely improvement

  •, microformats news and technical notes

  • giving 2.0, charity notes

  • FoRK, an online community that keeps evolving

  • oneliners, a collection of things I wish I had said

Darn, that's a lot of things to keep up with...

No wonder having a blog means feeling perpetually behind.

And bloviating blogs cost... so I should say less! :)

Wish me luck.

             -- Adam Rifkin, 8 August 2010

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