Adam Rifkin (I Find Karma)

Grad Student in Computer Science at Caltech in quakey Pas- ade- na, Los- Angeles, Cali- fornia. Currently on Leave of Absence.

Also known as FoRKer, INTJ, Actualizer, Gates Crasher, Gen-xer, dist-objer, Married, Beefcake!, Movielover, Moviegoer, WikiWebber, Egghead, FWFer, Loser, CD Junkee, Thinker, Idiot, Oceaner, Friend, Voxer-at-Large, WM Alum, Fool, TS Rec'er, Candyman, and linker to many dead and dreadful links.

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Summary of my Research, Papers, Projects, and Visits and Talks
Internet-Scale Event Notification Services
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Caltech Computer Science department
Caltech Infospheres project, including the Infospheres Infrastructure
Compositional Systems research group
Computer Algorithms class
Conferences and Calls for Papers
Distributed Computing class
Distributed Objects and other Distributed Technologies
Global Event Model
High-Performance Computing sites
Internet-Scale Event Notification Services
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Maisie and Fortran-M and MPI programs
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Green Day
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Kid links for younger folks
Lead... or Leave, including Links for Activists and Generation X
One-Liner (and then some) List, with 20,000 of my favorite quotations
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