To lead in a culture that values great people and elegant design.




Mountain View, CA

Director of Open Source Projects, working under Dr. Marty Tenenbaum (of Stanford University, SRI, Fairchild, Schlumberger, EIT, and CommerceOne), Rob Rodin, and Allan Schiffman.

CommerceNet is an 11-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing commerce on the Internet. From its earliest days working on Web security and credit-card payment prototcols to its success spinning out XML technologies, CommerceNet has been a unique neutral meeting place for users, vendors, and entrepreneurs. In the latter capacity, CommerceNet also spins out startup companies. One of those became CommerceOne, which funded the endowment CommerceNet is investing today.

Responsible for working with our Board to recruit an R&D team focused on the new challenges of decentralized Internet commerce; as well as supporting our interests in engineering entrepreneurship and investment activity. As of the launch of zLab in December 2004, we have hired half a dozen Members of Technical Staff and Associates, and produced as many technical reports for our website, http://zLab.Commerce.Net/.



Sunnyvale, CA

Founder and Director of a successful venture-backed startup, working under Dr. Rohit Khare (Founding CEO of KnowNow) and Michael Terner (President for a division of Tyco International).

The KnowNow LiveServer is simple and flexible enterprise software to distribute real-time information across the Internet. Its core innovation is a way to use the Web in a peer-to-peer mode that enables developers to publish and subscribe to events across Web browsers, Excel spreadsheets, and custom applications written in a half-dozen different programming languages.

Responsible for due diligence, research, patents, demos, and industry analysis at KnowNow; as a member of the Executive Team and Strategy Team, also responsible for visiting customers and prospects, identifying strategic partners, analyzing potential acquisitions, managing internal and external communications, talking with journalists and analysts, and setting the technology roadmap and product strategy. Previously served (as needed) in the roles of Chief Operating Officer, VP Marketing, VP Engineering, and Chief Technology Officer; previous responsibilities included management of all operations and management of the financing of the company. Left a day-to-day operational role in May 2004 to join CommerceNet to create a new research lab.


4K Associates

Irvine, CA

Principal of an Internet standards strategy consultancy. Co-founded company with Dr. Rohit Khare.

Provided market research, standards analysis, and training in technologies ranging from Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) for clients such as Canon, Sun Microsystems, Nextel, and Microsoft. Also provided due diligence on startup companies for Ray Lane at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers.



Redmond, WA

Research Manager, working with the systems and networking group at Microsoft Research,
under Dr. Rich Draves (who prototyped IPv6 for Windows NT), Dr. Rick Rashid (head of
Microsoft Research), and Dr. Nathan Myhrvold (then-CTO of Microsoft).

Research and development in Internet-Scale Event-Driven Architectures. Surveyed over 200 systems and created a taxonomy and framework for event-driven systems design in preparing a keynote for the Workshop on Internet-Scale Event Notifications at University of California at Irvine, and prepared and presented an Internet-Draft on Scenarios for an Internet-Scale Event Notification Service for IETF-42 in Chicago. Co-authored a paper on The Evolution of Internet-Scale Event Notification Services, which recommended a Publish/Subscribe protocol layered atop HTTP.



Palo Alto, CA

Research Associate, working on client utility computing in the eSpeak/eServices group,
as part of HP Labs, under Dr. Rajiv Gupta (Founder of Confluent Software).

Compared and contrasted the use of Remote Procedure Call mechanisms with Event-Driven Architecture approaches, in the design and development of loosely-coupled distributed systems.
This research demonstrated the weaknesses of tightly-coupled ONC-RPC usage, in performance, maintainability, and on-the-fly modification of system components.


Griffiss Air Force Base

Rome, NY

Research Intern at Rome Laboratory, working under Melissa Benincasa.

Evaluated state-of-the-art CASE tools for developing event-driven supercomputer applications.


NASA Langley Research Center

Langley, VA

Research Scientist at iCASE, the institute for research in Applied and Numerical Mathematics, Computer Science and Fluid Mechanics, working under Dr. David Nicol (UIUC Professor).

Research and development of event-driven parallel supercomputer applications, architectures, and methodologies. Co-authored refereed journal paper on parallelizing computational fluid dynamics applications. Worked while concurrently getting an M.S. in Computer Science from William & Mary.




Palo Alto, CA

Founder and Chief Architect of an open-source event-driven platform.

Mod_PubSub is an open-source asynchronous Publish/Subscribe middleware server that enables Internet-Scale Event-Driven Architectures, plus a set of client libraries and sample applications.

All-around leader, designer, developer, and consensus builder. Responsibilities include keeping the project on target with forward momentum, including the seemingly-disparate roles of software architecture, socializing new ideas among a community of 55 developers, release engineering, and hosting infrastructure and writing content for the Mod-PubSub.Org blog, wiki, website, and mailing lists. Presented Mod_PubSub at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) in 2003.


Online Community Development


Leader and Watchdog in a variety of online communities for a decade.

Evangelized, managed relations and consistency, resolved conflicts, and established thought leadership in several online communities, including Friends of Rohit Khare (FoRK,,
The Motley Fool (,,, and (a Google affiliate).


Caltech Graduate Review Board

Pasadena, CA

Member of the GRB, the cross-disciplinary honor council for Caltech graduate students.

Elected by my department to serve on the panel that evaluated cases for course of action.



California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, CA

Doctoral candidate. Advisor: National Academy of Engineering member Dr. K. Mani Chandy.

Research and development in Internet-Scale Event-Driven Architectures, which led to two startup companies (iSpheres and KnowNow), under fellowship from Microsoft and IBM. Authored thirty refereed publications, two of which won "Best Paper" awards at their respective conferences. Certified as an Engineering Manager by the Caltech Industrial Relations Center. Worked on several projects for the Center for Research on Parallel Computation. Left with an M.S. to found KnowNow.


College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, VA

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Phi Beta Kappa; Summa Cum Laude; Alpha Phi Omega Distinguished Community Service Key;
President of the local Association for Computing Machinery chapter; ROTC; Omicron Delta Kappa.

ifindkarma (at) gmail (dot) com